Membership Agreement

Between the parties,Mahmutbey Mah. Cicek Sok. Zühre Tekstil İnşaat Sanayi Ve Ticaret Anonim Şirketi, located at No: 11 Bağcılar / İSTANBUL

(Hereinafter referred to as "ZÜHRE") and the member ("Member") of site ("Site"), this contract has been signed under the following conditions.

A. Beginning of the Contract

After completing the registration process on the Site and confirming the e-mail address, the member can start using the Site by entering her/his e-mail address and password, provided that the conditions specified in this agreement are complied with.

In the event that the Contract is concluded on behalf of a legal entity, the person who concluded the Contract accepts, declares and undertakes that s/he is authorized to perform such a transaction on behalf of the said legal entity, otherwise (in case of unauthorized transaction),  s/he is responsible for all the consequential actions that he / she has done / will do afterwards.

The Member accepts that he / she will be deemed to have accepted all the terms of the Contract from the moment he starts to use the Site and these terms will be binding for her / him.

ZÜHRE reserves the right to change the following conditions, when required pursuant to the legislation or this Agreement, at its own discretion and to notify the Member of the changes.

B. Member's Rights and Obligations

The Member accepts, declares and undertakes that, by using the Site, s/he will act in accordance with all the conditions in the contract and the rules specified in the relevant parts of the Site.

While the member is benefiting from the services offered on the Site, s/he agrees to comply with the Law of Obligations, Turkish Penal Code, Turkish Commercial Code, Intellectual and Artistic Works Law, Law on the Protection of Trademark and Patent Rights, Statutory Decrees and other relevant legislation provisions and any announcement and notification Zühre will publish its services. Any legal, criminal and financial liability that may arise due to these notifications and illegal use shall belong to the Member.

The Member will compensate for any damages that ZÜHRE may suffer due to acts contrary to the obligations undertaken by this Agreement; ZÜHRE has the same right of recourse against the Member for all kinds of compensation, administrative / judicial fines that Zühre may have to pay to public institutions and / or third parties due to acts contrary to the Agreement.

The member cannot prevent or complicate the use of the Site by other members and visitors; cannot load and lock servers or databases with automatic programs, and cannot make misleading attempts to data; Otherwise, s/he accepts that her / his membership will be terminated and s/he will undertake any legal and criminal liability that may arise from this situation.

It is the responsibility of the individuals to take backup of the correspondence made on the site and is recommended by ZÜHRE. ZÜHRE cannot be held responsible for the loss and deletion of the correspondence due to not having backups.

ZÜHRE is free to delete any records belonging to the membership account terminated by ZÜHRE or the Member herself/himself or not. The member cannot claim any right or compensation for the deleted records. However, the Member reserves the right to be informed about personal data about her/him, to access these data, to request their correction or deletion, and to learn whether they are used for their purposes.

The Member declares and undertakes that the personal and other information given while registering or shopping on the Site is correct and that if this information is not correct, s/he will compensate ZÜHRE in full and immediately for all damages to be incurred for this reason.

The risks regarding the links (links to different websites) on the Site for the purpose of providing information and convenience to the visitors belong to the Member. These links are included in the content of the site by ZÜHRE only for the purpose of providing information and convenience to the visitors.

The visual and textual content presented on the site is for personal use. All rights of all texts, graphics, photographs, videos, animations, sounds in the content of the site are reserved; unless otherwise stated, it cannot be used for commercial or personal purposes, without permission and without giving the source, it is forbidden to publish any element on the Site in another medium or on the internet site or to give a link without ZÜHRE's permission.

The member may not use, resell, share, distribute, exhibit, reproduce, process, make or prepare works derived from ZÜHRE's copyrighted works on the Site. Otherwise, the Member declares, accepts and undertakes that s/he will be responsible for all damages that ZÜHRE has suffered or may suffer.

It is strictly forbidden to copy or use the software used in the design of the pages and in the creation of the database, and all rights belong to ZÜHRE.

The Member cannot delete or remove the notes within the scope of copyright, trademark and the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works from any material copied from the Site or printed with a printer.

The relations of the site users with each other or with third parties are the responsibility of the persons themselves.

After the member has read and accepted this membership agreement and confidentiality policy, s/he will be deemed to have approved all kinds of commercial electronic messages sent by ZÜHRE. In this context, the Member has accepted that ZÜHRE may send her/him an electronic message for information, marketing and / or advertising purposes without any prior permission from the Member.

If the member wishes to unsubscribe from the daily / weekly sent e-mail list at any time, he / she can easily unsubscribe from the e-mail membership by clicking the "Please click to unsubscribe from our e-newsletter list" link at the bottom of the e-mails. In addition, they can easily cancel their e-mail memberships from the "My subscriptions" section on the membership page.

C. ZÜHRE's Rights and Obligations

In the following cases, ZÜHRE has the right to cancel the said transactions, to stop the use of the Member, to terminate the membership of the Member, to terminate this Agreement unilaterally, in addition to all the rights arising from the law:

In the case of saving wrong, irregular, incomplete and misleading information, or information containing expressions that do not conform to general moral or non-compliant with the laws of the Republic of Turkey on the website, and

in the case of using or attempting to use the works and data on the site by copying partially or completely;

The Member is directly responsible for the malicious use of his / her password by other persons in the event that the rights to use the information given to the Members by ZÜHRE due to their membership on the site or the user name and password they have determined, are shared with third parties.

Likewise, the Member cannot use someone else's IP address, e-mail address, username and other information in the internet environment and cannot access or use the private information of other Members without permission. Any legal and criminal liability that may arise from such use shall belong to the member;

In case of carrying out / trying to do activities or using software that will threaten the general security of the Site and prevent the operation of the Site and the software used, and receiving, deleting or changing information;

In the event that the Member harms ZÜHRE by benefiting from any deficit (technical etc.) of the campaigns of ZÜHRE, the sales system or the Site, gaining an unfair advantage, making repeated practices, and abusing the sales system or the Site,

In the event that the Member acts in violation of all the terms in the Contract and the rules specified in the relevant parts of the Site and the applicable legislation during the use of the Site or during the shopping.

The MEMBER will act in accordance with the privacy policy specified in this Agreement during the use of the Site. Otherwise, ZÜHRE has the right to terminate this contract immediately.

The Member accepts, declares and undertakes that he / she has read this privacy policy from the moment s/he starts using the site by approving the membership agreement.

ZÜHRE has the right to use all information related to the membership in relation to its marketing activities during the contract period or even after the end of the contract, provided that this contract and the valid legal regulations are adhered to.

ZÜHRE undertakes that the Member will benefit from the services subject to the contract, except for technical malfunctions provided that it keeps the right to permanently or temporarily stop the service provided by ZÜHRE unilaterally, to change or cancel the content of the service; and that the information shared by the Member will not be shared with third parties, except for legal obligations and situations. If it is determined that the Member has caused any electronic sabotage and / or attack that prevents the operation of the Site, or if a criminal complaint or official investigation request is received from the official authorities, ZÜHRE has the right to investigate and disclose the personal information of the relevant Member.

D. Transfer, Scope, Duration of the Contract and Validity

The contract will automatically be voided without any warning upon the termination of the membership or the occurrence of any of the termination conditions listed in the Contract.

Member and ZÜHRE accept in advance that they can cancel the membership of the Site and terminate this Membership Agreement, provided that the other party notifies the reason, if necessary.

ZÜHRE may make unilateral changes to this Agreement at any time and without prior notice in order to ensure the continuity of the services it undertakes.

Provided that the final purpose of the Site and the services offered by ZÜHRE remain basically the same; It always has the right to unilaterally or temporarily cease the service it provides unilaterally, to change or cancel the content of the service, including the prices published on the Site, without any justification.

ZÜHRE, if it deems necessary, will publish the updated membership terms on the Site together with the date update under the same link, and may notify the Member. Updated membership terms will become valid from the moment they are published on the Site, and the use of the Site or services will be bound by the new membership terms from that moment on.

In certain parts of the site, different rules and obligations specific to the relevant section may be determined. The Member using these sections is deemed to have read and accepted the relevant rules.

The Member irrevocably accepts, declares and undertakes that ZÜHRE may transfer the Contract to third parties and that, with this Contract, it already allows the transfer of the Contract in accordance with Article 205 of the Code of Obligations.

E. General Provisions

The validity the interpretation and execution of this Agreement, is subject to the law of the Republic of Turkey. Istanbul Central Courts and Execution Offices are authorized to resolve disputes that may arise from the implementation of this Agreement.

The e-mail address given by the Member while signing up for the Site is accepted as the legal notification address for any notification to be made regarding this Agreement.

If the parties do not notify the other party of the changes in their existing e-mail addresses, they accept that the notifications made to the old e-mail addresses will be valid and deemed to have been sent to them.

Any notification made using the registered e-mail address of the Member will be deemed to have reached the Member 1 (one) day after the e-mail is sent by 32. ZÜHRE. The Member declares, accepts and undertakes that he / she has read, understood and accepted all of the articles in this Agreement and confirms the accuracy of the information provided.

Payment Transactions

What are your Payment Options?

While shopping at Zühre; you can take advantage of the Credit Card Payment option. Shipping costs are free for purchases over $ 75 or € 60.

I cannot get payment confirmation even though I have entered all the required information on the payment page.

If you have trouble making your payment by credit card, we kindly ask you to check,

* Usage limit of your credit card or virtual card,

* Whether you have chosen the correct Visa or Master card type on your card,

* The expiration date of your card,

* CVV information written on the back of your card,

* If the card you use is an additional card, whether it has been canceled by the main card holder,

* Whether there is a missing report on behalf of your card

* Whether you your internet connection is working during the verification process.

If you think there is a problem other than the above mentioned situations and your problem is still continuing, you can call our number 0 (850) 333 44 06 during working hours (08: 00-18: 00) on weekdays and get the necessary information and support from our customer service representative or you can contact us via our mail address: [email protected]

Am I safe when shopping with a credit card?

We use the latest technologies and the best service providers for your security when you shop with your credit card. Each page where you enter your personal information has a key mark next to your browser. This key is a sign that any information you send with your browser will not be viewed by third parties.



Also; high security standards apply to all purchases you make on our site. Thanks to the COMODO SSL Security Certificate, you can shop safely on our site without risking your security.

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